Misunderstanding as an entry into the imagination . . ..jpg
Anxiety covers the moment, and all we're left with is that mask.jpg
If only worry could provide a semblance of control.jpg
Failing all else, sincerity.jpg
Ask me why.jpg
How to defend yourself against someone who's sure of himself.jpg
Dead men can’t be wrong.jpg
Elusive doesn’t begin to cover it.jpg
Conflict photography.jpg
Act of contrition.jpg
Startlingly aware of the menacing links between the uppityness of privilege and the resentments of the dispossessed.jpg
What part of absurdity is extreme old age?.jpg
He played his part in another world.jpg
I see futility and think acceptance.jpg
Where everything’s made up and the words don’t matter.jpg
On days like this I feel that all my hardships are yet to come.jpg
Protect us from the charismatic and unscrupulous.jpg
An uphill sprint from cradle to grave.jpg
In what world is that okay?.jpg
Of course, life’s purpose is to provide us with what we really want — a human face, a flicker of recognition, a bit of company in our misery.jpg
A photograph without accompanying text is like music without lyrics.jpg
Remember, I was here. Do not resent me.jpg
On the backs of ancestors.jpg
The appearance of legality mattered, but less so than that of power.jpg
Time pressures are everything and nothing like being dead.jpg
All great comics hate themselves profoundly (though not all those who hate themselves profoundly are comic).jpg
The inner life subjectified.jpg
From the crucible of disbelief.jpg
Truth to me is a kind of self-loathing, like being deceived, beguiled, seduced.jpg
What remains of your life but giving?.jpg
Contemptible peddlers hawking earthly redemption.jpg
Feeling as though his life had been returned to him.jpg
With friends like mine, I make my own luck.jpg
I’ve seen lies engraved on marble.jpg
I’m an optimist, in the sense that I want to remain alive as long as I possibly can without committing suicide.jpg
What this might mean they would judge for themselves.jpg
You are guilty if you violate a prohibition, but you are even more guilty if you obey it.jpg
Suddenly, a falling away of voices.jpg
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