Ambivalent relationships – all damage and no reward.jpg
Actors pretend that they are other than who they are, so that audiences may pretend to believe in the obscurity of belief.jpg
Charms more insidious and perilous by far than those of the body.jpg
If I knew what went on in everyone's mind, life would be unbearable.jpg
I want to control the narrative. No you don’t.jpg
I’m deferred, therefore I am.jpg
In order to be who we are, we would be less than we are.jpg
I’m not looking for an honest person; I’m looking for an honest moment.jpg
Nobody is more self-deceived than the cynic who claims to have seen through it all.jpg
Where art imitates life, life has been known to return the compliment.jpg
Forgiveness specifically demands that antagonism essentially belongs to me, and at the same time expresses that it does not essentially belong to me.jpg
How do you rationalize human misery?.jpg
The greater the perceived threat the greater the prejudice.jpg
The way you’ve got things figured out.jpg
Sometimes a man meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.jpg
Stress is a symptom of how you’ve strayed from your core self.jpg
Images have become reality for us today.jpg
No good deed goes unpunished.jpg
If death, that most uncertain of certainties, could grant one wish, wouldn’t it be unlaughable laughter?.jpg
Even when it doesn’t work it works just as well.jpg
His continual pandering to base controversy left his associates wringing their hands in nervous perplexity.jpg
It became clear that the plays of William Shakespeare were not written by William Shakespeare, but by someone else with the same name.jpg
Half-forgotten lies failed to inhibit her generosity.jpg
To want to see in order to be seen.jpg
I’m the one telling you how it’s going to be.jpg
Image making has an identity crisis.jpg
Ideologies are fantasy forms that gain social power because their falsity is not recognized.jpg
I’m thinking of getting right with the law.jpg
To outlive the fullness of contradiction.jpg
Identity undisclosed.jpg
If one should need any higher validation.jpg
Performing integrity’s absence.jpg
Let’s get lost.jpg
I’ve changed my plea to guilty.jpg
Don’t take my picture. It reminds me of my finitude.jpg
Knowing a thing or two about a thing or two.jpg
Literature is a luxury, fiction a necessity.jpg
Mastering counter-intuitive thought.jpg
Time does not heal. It only deepens the feeling that something is missing.jpg
The earnestness of self-importance.jpg
Thinking one thing, doing another.jpg
Live and let live.jpg
We have to be without hope if we want to see new possibilities.jpg
Whatever page we turn to, where are we?.jpg
Your skin. Your story.jpg
What else can you tell me?.jpg
Know thyself. And then forget about it.jpg
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