1. Power, told almost like a myth, to everyone and no one.jpg
2. Reach out and touch me.jpg
3. It’s very interesting to me how people process transgression.jpg
4. The sleep of illusion brings forth masters.jpg
5. I feel loved.jpg
6. Talking fast in a world that goes for talk.jpg
7. Doesn't belief lurk in the gap between the way things appear to you and the way things really appear to you?.jpg
8. Life has abandoned me.jpg
9. There is no point of reference that guarantees meaning.jpg
10. As preposterous as a slapped ass.jpg
11. I’ve often found solace for my loneliness in memories of my relationships – even ones that never took place.jpg
12. The mercy in you.jpg
13. Nudes.jpg
14. Such is the orbit of our lives, viewed in mirroréd introspection.jpg
15. Bury them and shut up.jpg
16. My gun is quick.jpg
17. Let me take you on a trip.jpg
18. Faith may be nothing more than nothing left to lose.jpg
19. Another scenario filling out the empty space of fundamental possibility, an essential screen masking a void.jpg
20. The erosion of public space is what allows us to determine who we are and who we want to be.jpg
21. Life’s too short to sleep alone.jpg
22. What is illusion if not ‘putting it over’, buying in, making the sale.jpg
23. People don’t rebel when things are really bad but when their expectations are disappointed.jpg
24. The suspense is killing me.jpg
25. Where the memory of a thing is more important than the thing itself.jpg
26. That most elusive of individuals, found between her behaviour and who she identifies with.jpg
27. Vestiges of an ill-defined life.jpg
28. Remorselessly.jpg
29. What appears to us as our inability to know something indicates a crack in the thing itself, so that our very failure to reach the full truth is the indicator of truth.jpg
30. The growing possibility of the impossible.jpg
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