Who loves you, baby?
To glory in self-reflection, perhaps
A complete dissociation of all my illusions
Broken-down libido
A good image is good always
The needy are, by definition, unaware of their neediness?
Life’s like that, isn’t it?
I’ll keep it to myself
Silence is no argument for reason
Competing narratives linked in mutually annulling profundity
Your confusion having confuséd me
Authority impugns our time and space
Their challenge lay not so much in mastering or shaping intensity of feeling, but in hiding the weakness of feeling, the feebleness of the sense of self
My surface, [not] myself
Lessons from a reasoning heart
Now or never
I can’t wait to see how this ends
Fecund and febrile
My friends threaten to leave me unless I do something about it
Transitoriness, dislocation, unattainability can’t be communicated effectively without demonstrating the ineffectiveness of communication itself
Dependencies: redemption, powerlessness
What’s to be resisted is present in the resistance to it
Even amid the unrelentingly disastrous news, a few more positive signals emerged
A thin membrane separates pleasure from pain
The challenge is to see perfection in imperfection itself
Flower odes and lamentations on a late-arriving puberty
Barring the inexpressible
Relationships, in the absolute sense, present as proprietors who demand everything they gave in such a way that they can take it back
They had many virtues, but humility wasn't one of them
The creator mirroring the subject mirroring the viewer
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