1. In the wardrobe of my soul, in the section labeled ‘shirts’.jpg
2. The sanction of public opinion overrides a lack of personal conviction.jpg
3. From a missive dismissively writ.jpg
4. Ambiguous gift.jpg
5. So, like, what are you saying?.jpg
6. A devastating persuasiveness.jpg
7. Remember what it was like to feel?.jpg
8. Glimpsed in the mirror of grief.jpg
9. Modestly confident.jpg
10. Recover lost time embedded in the spaces between things.jpg
11. An opposition knowable only by the magnitude of its umbrage.jpg
12. Be gentle with me. It’s my first time.jpg
13. Can we be nothing when nothing is never an option?.jpg
14. Everybody wants to talk about hypotheticals; there is no such thing as a hypothetical.jpg
15. Does concealment have to be part of every story (as if influenced by some sort of short term memory loss)?.jpg
16. Culture is a tear in the fabric of our ability to know the full truth.jpg
17. I am who I don’t pretend to be?.jpg
18. Only the experience of less opens up the space for more.jpg
19. Use your freaking imagination.jpg
20. Knowing that the risk of failure is precisely what gives value to success.jpg
21. Fall collection.jpg
22. As appearance folds into itself . . . .jpg
23. I beg of you.jpg
24. Illumination (from an excessively sublimating culture).jpg
25. That guy just took my picture.jpg
26. Why am I what you are telling me that I am?.jpg
27. The weight of self-deception.jpg
28. Throw it back in my face, why don’t you?.jpg
29. I never told you I was anything other than what I am.jpg
30. After all, revelation is always to some extent self-revelation.jpg
31. The less you you are the more I like you.jpg
32. I’m arguing with myself.jpg
33. The emergence of a post-redemptive ethics out of the chrysalis of consumerist illusion.jpg
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